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About This Wolf 5.45 x 39 Russian Ammunition

Have a date planned with your AK-74, but not enough 5.45x39 ammunition to make it happen? Then let Wolf’s Military Classic label take care of everything for you!

This accessibly priced ammunition hails from Russia, and it achieves its awesome price tag through the power of steel. Wolf implements a bimetal jacket, which substitutes strong, economical steel in place of copper to safeguard the bullet against accuracy-harming deformation. This 60 grain bullet’s bimetal jacket still has a thin layer of copper on the outside, yet its tendency to ricochet and strike up sparks when it hits a hard surface has gotten it banned from many indoor ranges.

Wolf’s steel shell casing is far more affordable than the brass variety, and even features a thin polymer coating that helps it feed and extract more reliably in a semi-automatic firearm. Unlike earlier lacquer applications, Wolf’s polymer coating resists burning off in the white hot temperatures of ignition. Steel is not worth reloading, and furthermore permits more fouling of the action that could ultimately cause a failure to extract. Still, if you plan to clean your rifle regularly, then steel shouldn’t significantly impact your rifle’s performance.

These rounds have Berdan primers, but they are not mil-surp Berdan primers. That means you can count on clean, non-corrosive ignition that won’t jeopardize your rifle with caustic salts and eventual rust!
Quantity 750
Manufacturer Wolf
Ammo Caliber 5.45 x 39 Russian
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type berdan
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You're reviewing: 5.45X39 WOLF MILITARY CLASSIC 60 GRAIN FMJ (750 ROUNDS)
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