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About This Federal 5.56x45mm Ammunition

Federal’s American Eagle line of ammunition offers the consistent performance and great value you want while you’re sharpening up your marksmanship. This Minnesota-made ammo is a must-have for anyone who owns an AR-15 or any other 5.56x45 rifle!

This cartridge features a simple 55 grain full metal jacket boat tail projectile. The nonmagnetic bullet’s hard copper alloy shell promotes smooth and clean shooting, and the cannelure in its shank helps to prevent setback that could impact accuracy. This streamlined bullet’s boat tail boosts its G1 ballistic coefficient to 0.246, so you can count on getting the flat trajectories which make mid-to-long range shooting easier.

Worried about this ammo’s XM193 designation? Don’t be! That just means it’s loaded to the U.S. Armed Forces’ most basic specifications (the X preceding M193 indicates Federal loaded this ammo for you instead of Uncle Sam).

This ammo’s brass cases are brand new; they’re just unpolished, so you can plainly see where Federal annealed the cases in order to make them more durable. This non-corrosive ammo is a great choice for future handloading projects, and it comes with free shipping and handling alongside everything else in your order!
Quantity 500
Manufacturer Federal
Ammo Caliber 5.56x45mm
Manufacturer SKU XM193X
Bullet Type FMJ-BT
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 3165
Muzzle Energy 1223
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You're reviewing: 5.56X45 FEDERAL AMERICAN EAGLE 55 GRAIN FMJBT XM193 (500 ROUNDS)
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