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About This Sellier & Bellot 308 / 7.62x51 Ammunition

“Brother, can you spare some 7.62x51?” We hate it when we hear the range beggars ask us this question. Don’t they know they can just go to AmmoMan.com and order an entire case of 7.62x51 ammo by Sellier & Bellot – with free shipping and handling?

The only thing this ammo begs for is to get fired. Sellier & Bellot has spent nearly two centuries refining their production process, and it really shows when you fire their M80 ball ammo. Each round is armed with a nonmagnetic FMJ projectile, weighs 147 grains (or at least so close to it that the minor variation doesn’t matter), and has a solid lead core and concentric gilding metal jacket to promote smooth feeding, cleaner shooting, and consistent accuracy.

These Czech cartridges aren’t like what you’d get from Russia. You’re looking at 500 rounds with new brass cases and non-corrosive Boxer primers, so they’re at once highly reliable and the definition of reloadable. Just take care that this is linked ammo. That’s just what you need to operate some firearms, but you’ll need to take a few minutes to unlink the rounds before putting them in a rifle mag.
Quantity 500
Manufacturer Sellier & Bellot
Ammo Caliber 308 / 7.62x51
Manufacturer SKU SB762A-linked
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2521
Muzzle Energy 2776
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You're reviewing: 7.62X51 SELLIER & BELLOT 147 GRAIN FMJ M80 LINKED (500 ROUNDS)
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