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About This Wolf 9mm Luger Ammunition

Here is a bold statement: Iron, and by extension steel, is a very useful metal. Even the Inuit people who did not have metallurgy still saw the value in iron, as they harvested it from a particularly large meteorite that luckily fell for them in Greenland.

This 9mm cartridge lets you take advantage of iron to reduce your shooting budget dramatically. Its shell casing is made of economical steel, and furthermore coated in a thin layer of low friction polymer to help it move more efficiently from the magazine to the ground. (Wolf’s modern polymer treatment is specially formulated to prevent burning off in the action.) Wolf’s non-reloadable steel casing has a Berdan primer, but unlike many mil-surp primers it is non-corrosive.

This round’s 115 grain bullet is a money saver too, because a large part of its full metal jacket is comprised of strong, deformation resistant steel. Do note that steel poses a greater risk of ricocheting and sparking, the primary reasons many indoor ranges ban it.

Steel also protects this ammo in storage. Packaged in a sealed spam can, these 900 rounds will keep potent for ages even if their storage conditions fall short of optimal. You’ll still want to avoid fluctuating temperatures, but light and humidity will be well taken care of!
Quantity 900
Manufacturer Wolf
Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type berdan
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You're reviewing: 9MM WOLF SPAM CAN 115 GRAIN FMJ (900 ROUNDS)
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